1. I love the movement in this photograph. The upper clouds, like feathers fanning the sky. The human and bird going in the same direction, destination unknown. The large truck facing the oppostie direction, as if to make a point brings me back to this green dumpster, at the same time incongruous and fitting. A strong counter point, grabbing my eye, grounding the whole image as if to keep it from flying away in a mirriad of directions. And the little car, facing out, taking me back to the bird and clouds to start all over again.
    I love your work.
    I don’t know where you are but your beach scenes, with their colors, remind me a lot of the coast of Normandy.

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    • Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. It was lying in the spam folder. I will definitely take a look at your pictures. πŸ™‚


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