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    1. The longest ride was to a hill station in India called “Kodaikanal,” but it was a multi-day ride. The longest one-day ride was from my hometown Trivandrum to a place named Kochi. Doubt you would know either; these are two cities in Kerala, India. Total distance around 240 km (~150 miles). Started at 4:30 a.m., reached Kochi around 4 in the evening. If it’s a multi-day ride, I normally do 50-80 km/day. I prefer such rides than doing 200+ km in a single day. 🙂

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  1. I finally gave up bike riding a few years ago. Here in California it is illegal to ride on the sidewalks or to ride against traffic. I’m extremely uncomfortable riding with traffic because I really want to see what the idiot in the car is going to do. So I have resigned myself to walking, driving, or taking public transportation.

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    1. Traffic is a big issue, even where I live. But then I love riding my bike so much that I somehow can’t imagine giving it up. 🙂 But nowadays, most evenings I walk because riding a bike in the evening traffic drives me mad.


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