090 - sunset pswamy temple

In yesterday’s post, I had mentioned the name “Padmanabhaswamy Temple” and one of my blogger friends emailed me asking if I have a photo of the temple. Well, I do! 🙂 It’s that tall, golden structure you see towards the bottom left.

As a child, I used to visit this temple often with my mother and I used to love it, but now I hate going anywhere near it because today it’s more of a tourist attraction than a place of worship, all thanks to this temple being labeled the richest in the world. Also, in the name of renovation, the beautiful temple pond has been drained out, and it seems some of the stone structures surrounding the temple have been demolished. Maybe I am overreacting and after renovation things will actually be better than earlier, but somewhere deep inside I know it’s not going to happen.

As for this photograph, this is THE most beautiful sky I think I’ve ever seen in my life! I normally carry my point and shoot cam with me at all times, but on this day I only had my brother’s iPhone 5, and I knew there was no way the tiny sensor in the phone was going to expose this scene correctly. So I took two shots resting my phone on a stable surface to try and get as perfect an alignment as possible, one exposed for the sky and the other for the building and the pond, and I merged both together to get a balanced photograph.

Too many sunset posts can be irritating, so I think I’ll stop with this one. 🙂


089 - aarattu mandapam

Shankumugham Beach is one of my favorite places to bicycle to when I am in the mood for a short ride. The beach is home to a few interesting structures, one among them being the “Aaraattu Mandapam.” The photograph above is the silhouette of that mandapam (or stone structure) during sunset. This historical structure plays a prominent role even today in Padmanabhaswamy Temple’s aaraattu festival. Aaraattu (or the holy bath) is the ritual in which the priest carries the deity with him and takes a dip in the sea. The mandapam, to the best of my knowledge, is now a heritage structure protected by the Archaeological Society of India.


088 - bed and strat

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head. ~ Thomas Hood

If there is a favorite place in this world for me, that would be my tiny bedroom. Any time I am away from home, be it a few days’ travel or just an evening out cycling or walking, the one place I “really” want to come back to is my bedroom – my happy corner. 🙂