065 - tea coffee lime juice

ചായ, കോഫി -> tea, coffee
നാരങ്ങ വെള്ളം -> lemon juice
നറുനണ്ടി സർബത്ത് -> naruneendi sherbet
സോഡാ നാരങ്ങ വെള്ളം -> soda lemon juice
സോഡാ സർബത്ത് -> soda sherbet

Every time I cycle to the beach, I stop by this shop for a glass (or sometimes two) of “naruneendi sherbet”, a soft drink made with extracts from the root of Indian sarsaparilla plant. It’s a very popular drink and one of my favorites! Cycling would be tough without some naruneendi love! 🙂

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    1. You should! 🙂 That said, it’s easy to make the syrup at home if you can source the “naruneendi” root. If I remember correct, you are somewhere in the Middle East, right? If yes, then am sure you’ll be able to find it easily – – too many Mallus in the “Gelf”! 😀

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    1. Yes Rethy, it’s the same. Some shops have naruneendi, some narunandi, some nannaari, various names. And talking of Malabar, we now have your “kulukki sarbath” here in Trivandrum. It’s now available everywhere! This boom happened quite recently I guess. Earlier, there used to be just a few outlets where you could get it, but now the scene has changed. I still haven’t tried it as I am a lil too fond of “nannaari”. 🙂


  1. Thanks for translating, wouldn’t have known this otherwise. I have no idea about this drink – naruneendi sherbet. And possibly it’ll be written in the local language if ever I see it and would never know!

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    1. Yes, most places it’d be written in the local language, but any shop that sells lemon juice will have naruneendi too. So all you’ve to do is look for lemon juice stalls. 🙂

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