20 thoughts on “084

  1. Beautiful shot. I love how much black there is surrounding the main image, and that it’s offset, not symmetrical.

    I’m curious about how you choose images to share, do you post something you’ve shot recently, or pick something from your archives?

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    1. Thank you Dan.

      As to my images, some are from the archives, some are new. I keep taking photographs very often. but I don’t go into the editing process immediately. I like to leave the images in my HD for a while before I get back to them. That way I can approach them again with a somewhat blank mind. And then when I go through the photos, some of them appeal to me better than the others, and those are the ones I edit and share with everyone. πŸ™‚


      1. I wrote about editing recently and being more ruthless. I would like to leave more time between making the photographs and editing, ie choosing which to keep and share and which to delete. But I’m too keen just to see what I captured!

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