085 - kathakali artist

I am not a portrait photographer. Joshi ¹ is. But I do at times take portraits if the subject is of interest to me. This is a Kathakali artist applying make-up prior to the performance. If ever you get a chance to watch Kathakali, make sure you don’t miss the make-up session because that is something as delightful to watch as the main dance.

¹ Do check out Joshi’s blog. You’ll be glad you did! 🙂 -> https://joshidaniel.com/


  1. Nicely captured. Kathakali is indeed amazing and my understanding is that applying the make up and getting prepared for the performance is lengthy and an artform in itself.
    Thanks for the nudge to check out Joshi’s photographs. I did and am sure I will enjoy following his blog.

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    • Thank you Arati. What you said is correct; the make-up session is a very elaborate one and an art in itself. Most of the make-up is done by the artist himself. I will be sharing few more photographs from this series in the coming days.

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    • Thank you Quillpen.

      I do have close-up shots of his face and even his eyes. 🙂 As for this photo, he is looking into the mirror, so I wanted to include it in the frame. Also the vibhūti (ash) on his body, etc. That’s why this slightly long shot. I will be uploading the rest of the series soon and you will get to see some real tight frames. 🙂

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