Windows 8! πŸ™‚

That’s my roadster you see in this photo – and I call him Kafka. Been with me on many an adventure. The very first ride with Kafka was a short one, 12.55 km (~ 8 miles). Months later I did my first century ride, 123.49 km (~ 77 miles), and he handled it very well, which gave me lots of confidence to take him on bigger trips. So last year, I did my longest one-day ride on this bicycle, 171.87 km (~ 107 miles), and again, the bike surprised me! Not a single puncture, no broken spokes, no chain issues, absolutely nothing! Right now, the total distance done by Kafka is 9,829.3 km (~ 6100 miles), and I am very excited to do the remaining 170.7 km to take the total km to 10k! πŸ™‚


  1. Praise to Kafka!

    Did you name him while comparing the unending sentences of Franz Kafka to the infinite miles your bike has carried you?

    If only I had the energy to ride a bike.. well downhill I’m a champion but life more often an uphill struggle!

    Great photo! Windows 8! Loved it!

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  2. This is a wonderful picture! I did hear of a dog named Kafka. He looked like a beetle. I live in the Netherlands, where people more or less are born on bikes, but I don’t know anyone who gave his or her bike a name. Now I’m going to think about a name for my own bycicle.

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    • Thanks Peter.

      Dog named Kafka – that sounds nice! πŸ™‚ And it’s not just my bikes, I have names for almost everything I own. πŸ˜›

      Hope you come up with a name for your bicycle soon! Would love to hear about it.


    • Thanks Eliza. This is a single speed bicycle, very basic and quite affordable (around US $70 or Β£50). But I have seen vintage roadsters made by Raleigh that had 3 speeds. Sadly they are not available anymore, at least in India. πŸ™‚


      • Where I live, there are many hills. Multi-speed bikes are the most common. And now there are a few electric bikes for boosting up hills when the going gets tough. As you can imagine, they are crazy expensive.

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        • Yes, electric bikes are crazy expensive! And somehow I don’t like how they look, esp with that battery pack hanging under the top tube or wherever they decide to place it, but I guess for many, electric bikes are a blessing especially if they live in a hilly terrain like you. For now, I am happy with my roadster and my other bike, which is a 27-speed Fuji, which is what I normally use for long-distance rides. And I have named her “Oriole” (after the tropical songbird), just in case you are curious. πŸ™‚

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