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    1. Thank you so much again, Frank.

      I love colors and that’s why majority of my photographs are in color. Any time I decide to take a photo, the two things I look for are (i) a clutter-free background and (ii) colors/textures. If (i) and (ii) don’t exist, I normally skip that shot except on rare occasions where I feel I might not come upon that subject again. As for colors, it’s pretty easy to find them in India, which I am sure my fellow WordPress Indian friends would vouch for. Most of the shop doors, buildings, walls, they all have lovely colors, which makes my job a lot easier and cheerful. 🙂

      As for zines/books, I will have a small online shop opening next month. I am currently working on it. Time is a big problem at my end, but I am trying my level best to get it all done. The shop will have zines, postcards, etc. In fact, it’s you who gave me the idea of zines! So thank “you” so much for that. 🙂

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      1. Looking forward to your shop!

        I like your approach of looking for 2 factors that make a photo. And turning you back when they are not met. Love that strict rule you set yourself.

        As for the colours I absolutely understand. I lived in Mauritius for some time years ago and yoou have the same gorgeous views. Unfortunately I was still too much into ‘traditionnal’ photography…. But one day soon I’ll return there when I’m retired…

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        1. I will keep you updated.

          Mauritius is beautiful! I have never been there, but I have seen many photographs. Hope your dream of returning to Mauritius comes true! 🙂

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  1. I’m always a sucker for weathered doors. Good contrast with the more modern and svelte bike saddle…

    I watched a documentary a couple of months ago about the river Ganges. The colours of the buildings and people’s clothing was incredibly vivid. Something rarely seen in the somehwhat more grey UK. Think this is why I photograph in black and white for at least half of the year!

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