107 - cobweb

{ I am traveling till the 18th and I am scheduling the uploads for the coming days. Chances are I might not have good connectivity, so please bear with me if my responses to comments (if any) are delayed. Thank you. }

6 thoughts on “107”

  1. Like others have said, I was greatly enjoying your daily posts (and it was partly the reason I tried posting daily myself for a week). Why have you stopped?


  2. Well, Dilip, it seems we are way behind the 18th of April?
    You enlisted as a ‘follower’ to my blog Feb 22. 2018 and since then we’ve seen no hair nor tail from you?!
    You may, of course, still be enjoying our photos, however we’ll no longer be alerting you to new pictures whenever we publish, seeing that you don’t seem to follow us anyway?!


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