107 - cobweb

{ I am traveling till the 18th and I am scheduling the uploads for the coming days. Chances are I might not have good connectivity, so please bear with me if my responses to comments (if any) are delayed. Thank you. }


  1. You were traveling till 18th right today is the 3rd of may, still no sign of you. What happened.

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    • Hello Frank, thank you so much for your concern. I am really sorry for abandoning the blog and not informing anyone. I have explained it in detail in my post titled “108”. No compulsion you should read it. 🙂 I am back and I hope to not disappear again. New Year wishes.


  2. Like others have said, I was greatly enjoying your daily posts (and it was partly the reason I tried posting daily myself for a week). Why have you stopped?

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    • Dan, many many apologies for disappearing without a trace. I have explained it in detail in post titled “108”. No compulsion that you should read it. 🙂 I am back and I hope I will not do the disappearing act again. New Year wishes!


  3. Well, Dilip, it seems we are way behind the 18th of April?
    You enlisted as a ‘follower’ to my blog Feb 22. 2018 and since then we’ve seen no hair nor tail from you?!
    You may, of course, still be enjoying our photos, however we’ll no longer be alerting you to new pictures whenever we publish, seeing that you don’t seem to follow us anyway?!

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    • Hello, apologies for this very late response. I had totally abandoned my blog and wordpress as it was getting a little too much for me to handle. If you are keen, you can read more about it in my blog post “108”. I still have not checked which all blogs are following me or I am following back. There are so many comments I need to catch up on. I am hoping to get all that sorted out in the next few weeks. Once again, sorry if my behavior offended you, That was not the intention. New Year wishes. 🙂


  4. Hi Dilip,
    Only a small ‘wake-up-call’ 🙂 There are a lot of people enlisting as ‘followers’ in order to market their own blog – only! And there are millions of bloggers believing they hav thousands of ‘followers’ when they actually have a couple of dozen.
    For me – those days are over! The ‘thousand’ are all gone! Today IO have a litlle more than ‘one hundred’, but they are all here, they do respond, and they have – over time – become good friends! That said – it’s all your choice!

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    • Appreciate you sharing your views. I totally understand what you are saying. I am not sure how far I will be able to do justice when it comes to visiting fellow bloggers’ posts, but I am definitely going to give it a shot. And who knows, maybe one day I might be lucky enough to be one among the hundreds in your blog and over time be a friend. 🙂 Good day to you!


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