Hello everyone! Finally I’m walking back into the light after a huge hiatus. Ask me where I disappeared and I doubt I’d have a very convincing answer to give. Or maybe I have.

So, there were a few things that made me abandon this blog and vanish. One was the “scheduling” of posts I used to do whenever I traveled. I did it one or two times between Jan and April and the more I thought about it, I felt it’s something along the lines of cheating. I mean, I have enough photos that I can just schedule for the entire year and WP will do its job of uploading them all at the scheduled time. Well, that’s not exactly “photo a day” project per me. This started worrying me a bit. Or maybe a lot.

Another reason was the overwhelming response I was getting from all of you. I was getting anywhere between 80 and 100 (sometimes even more) likes on my photos. This was very encouraging and I am so thankful to each one of you, but at the same time, it started reaching a point where I was finding it difficult to find time to pay a return visit to all you fellow bloggers. Not a good thing at all and this again started bugging me.

On top of all these, after my last trip in April, I came home with a conked out laptop. So, long story short, I just decided to shut the whole thing down. Period.

I am back now and I don’t plan on disappearing again. Fingers crossed!

As for the blog, some of you must have noticed the minor changes. I have moved the blog to my own domain, which has been running for the last few years on the self-hosted version of WP. I felt it’d be much easier to move it to WP dot com and manage everything under one roof. Let’s see how it goes.

And lastly, a HUGE apology to everyone who e-mailed me. The mails came in as a pleasant surprise and it was such a nice feeling to know that I am remembered, but I know, it was really, really bad of me not to have replied. I am not even attempting to come up with lame excuses as to why. :-/

End of rant.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! May 2019 turn out to be a great year for all you bloggers (and non-bloggers) out there. 🙂


  1. Good to see you back Dilip.

    I think as bloggers we have to find and set our boundaries, then stick to them. We all have limited time available, and need to make choices in how best to use it. If you have, say 30 minutes a day for blogging, and answering comments is taking 45 minutes, then something has to give. Either you reprioritise some time from other activities, or you stick to your 30 minutes, answer what you can, and leave the rest.

    Regarding “likes”, my views are not likely very popular, but I don’t bother with them myself, and I recently switched them off again on my blog. If you really like a post enough, then make a comment and add something of value. If not, don’t. Getting into this whole “I’ll like your blog if you like mine” is in my view a pretty pointless and vacuous activity, which really helps no-one. Both parties would be better off spending this time writing new stuff people like enough to comment on, rather than “liking” dozens of other blog posts in the hope of getting some back. That’s just my take on it.

    Last year I experimented with different posting frequencies, to find that sweet spot between posting often enough to share the ideas I have, but not so much that it creates too much pressure and I feel I have to post, just for the sake of having a new post. For me personally it’s about one post every two or three days.

    Regarding the scheduling of posts, I do this plenty, but usually only perhaps a week ahead of time, as I like that buffer, but still want to share the stuff I’m currently doing and thinking about, not something I was thinking about three weeks ago.

    Maybe you need to be clear with yourself about whether you want to share a picture every day (which with scheduling is very easy and you could take 30 pictures one day then line them up for the next 30 days) or whether you want to make a new picture every day, which is quite different. Is it daily creation you want, or daily sharing? Or perhaps both?

    Either way, I wish you well in finding the frequency that works for you, and helps you maintain your blog by your rules.

    By the way, I really like this picture, very atmospheric.


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    • Thank you so much for this beautiful comment Dan. Really appreciate you taking time out to write this. 🙂 I totally agree with your views on likes and comments. I follow quite a few photographers here in WP. And most of the time, it will be just a photo that they upload with hardly any text accompanying it. So for those posts, I always found it easier to “like” from the “WP Reader”. But then WP didn’t like it. It came to a point where WP warned me saying I am not supposed to like posts directly from the Reader because if I do that, it won’t get counted as a “view”. Or in other words, my “like” will not bump up that post view stats by one number. I came to know of this because I opened a discussion in the forum. The person was very kind in explaining to me. But I found it totally strange that a simple thing as “liking” a post can have restrictions, which is unheard of in any social media platform! And truth be said, a simple “like” can be a really motivating factor for a new blogger. Anyways, I didn’t quite like it when I was told I should not do something, which per me was not wrong in any way. This also was another reason why I sort of hated WP a bit.

      Scheduling of posts is perfectly fine as you said and nothing wrong in that, but the way I wanted to do this 365 project was to take a photo and upload it every day. It was more along the lines of forcing me to use my camera on a daily basis. The usage part was definitely happening, but somehow the editing and uploading and all never really fell into place. So this was my personal gripe with scheduling of posts.

      Allotting a specific time again was something I did. Somehow that too didn’t really go as planned. Too many things kept popping up in between. The story goes on and on. 🙂

      So right now, I am not thinking about a 365-day Project or anything along those lines. I will upload my photographs as and when possible. I am not putting pressure on any fellow bloggers too to visit my stream, or like, or comment. Everything is fine by me. 🙂

      Thanks again Dan. Am glad that you liked the photograph!


      • Dilip, that’s odd about the likes on WordPress Reader, I didn’t know that. I have a post in draft about this topic – how much I dislike “likes”!

        As I said before, we have to set our own pace as bloggers. If it gets too much, we need to adjust. It’s horrible when something that starts off as pleasurable and fun thing to do ends up being a chore and a source of stress, so we need to be vigilant if we sense that kind of slide happening!

        Looking forward to new posts and photographs from you as and when you feel inspired to share them.

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