Not ordinary ones, magnetic rather, with a very vintage vibe to them. And why would you need one? Or many? Because they are very useful. Or maybe coz they are very cute!

The bookmark measures just about 2 x 2 inches when folded and is loaded with two tiny, but strong, magnets. They latch so well to the paper that it’s pretty much impossible to make them fall off even if you shake the book really hard!

Each bookmark has a photograph on one side and a little something scribbled on the other. Also, there is a small red arrow mark on each side that acts as a marker or a guide. This is useful if you are like me and sometimes stop reading in the middle of a chapter. All you’ve to do is position the bookmark with the arrow pointing to where you stopped reading (see photo below).

The images are purposely faded with slightly muted colors to give them a vintage feel. The paper used is premium Acquerello 240 gsm that has a fine texture and goes very well with the overall feel of the bookmark.

Try them out. You will love them!

Bookmark attached to the cover. While reading the book, this is a good place to keep your bookmark. The magnets are strong enough to latch on even to the thick cover.

Attached to the top of the book at the beginning of a new chapter.


Sometimes you might stop reading before a chapter is over. All you’ve to do is position the bookmark such that the red arrow points to where you stopped reading. 


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