Dec 12, 2018. Reached Fort Kochi pretty early in the morning, like how I normally do. Roamed around a bit and and then headed to the walkway by the beach. That’s when I saw this lady standing at the very end with this very unique backpack on her. Talking to strangers (esp women) is something that’s totally out of my comfort zone, but my curiosity was so tickled that I just had to find out what this was all about. And she was Nadia Russell, an artist from France.


Tinbox Mobile Gallery

Since 2007, Nadia Russell’s artwork has focused on the creation of structures that are in between an architectural sculpture and a gallery called “Tinbox”. Tinybox [tiny box] is a concept that questions the physical and ideological space of the contemporary art gallery. Each Tinbox takes the form of a miniature exhibition space made from different materials. Artists are invited and encouraged to invest in Tinbox as an “architectonic” space. The concept then becomes the support for curatorial projects. It can be presented in the streets, in museums, in galleries, in schools, and more. She also employs it during performances by carrying it on her back or pushing it in the streets.

Tinbox is a nomadic constructivist artwork in permanent transformation.

{Excerpt from a beautiful postcard she gave me.}


More information here -> http://galerie-tinbox.com/

And watch this video if you want to see how they go about the whole process.