The calendar Project – 2020

2020 calendar on its easel

Some of you might remember my 2019 calendar project, which you all liked much (thank you for that) and so this year, I am back with some new series and a few minor changes. Read on to know more.

This small tabletop calendar actually doubles as a postcard and this is how it works. After each month is over, cut out the date part along the dotted line and you will be left with a standard size postcard. Just fill in the address, write a note, attach a stamp, and send it to whoever and make their day. If you are lucky, you might even get a postcard in return! Once the year is over, you can reuse the easel as a photo stand that will easily hold a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7-inch photograph. In short, the idea behind this project is to create as eco-friendly a product as possible since almost everything can be reused.

Easel – 5 x 3 inches
Full calendar – 19 x 9 cm
Postcard part – 14 x 9 cm
Paper – Acquerello (240 gsm)
Printing style – vintage muted colors (like how I normally edit my photos)

The easel and the calendars. Week starts on Monday. Sundays are highlighted in red. I’ve left some blank space below the dates in case you want to jot down a birthday or whatever. 


Premium 240 gsm Acquerello paper, which has a beautiful fine texture.


The black dotted line that acts as a guide for cutting. Once the month is over (or whenever you feel like it), cut through the dotted line and you have your postcard. You can either throw the date part away or use it as a bookmark.


The back of the calendar carries a thumbnail of the main image right behind the date. So once you cut out the date part, you still have a tiny version of the main image with you.

And now for the various themes for this year. There are nine in total with one being the same as last year’s bicycle series. The rest are all new. Here are the details.

Series 1:  Bicycles | 2019
– Repeat edition of last year’s (2019) calendar. All photographs are the same.


Series 2:  Bicycles | 2020
– New series for 2020.


Series 3:  She He Them | Part 1
– Photographs featuring random people. This is a 3-part series. The full project can be seen here.


Series 4:  She He Them | Part 2


Series 5:  She He Them | Part 3


Series 6:  Leh | Part 1
– Photographs from my Manali to Leh cycling trip. Again a 3-part series. The first two are of the landscape and the third shows some of the vibrant colors of Leh.


Series 7:  Leh | Part 2


Series 8:  Leh | Part 3


Series 9:  Monochromes
– Random collection of some of my favorite black and white images.


Please check out my “SHOP” if you want to get hold of this calendar.

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