Through my window

2018 was a comparatively relaxed year for me. So on days I was free, I would sit next to a window in my room and stare at the road outside. The view was always the same, yet forever changing. I started shooting sometime March 2018. “Through my window” is an ongoing project.


The window frame and the road outside.


He sells cobweb cleaners, dusters, etc. Used to visit my neighborhood every weekend. Sometimes during weekdays too. Not anymore. Been close to 3 months since I saw him.


The man with the traditional knife sharpening machine. He still visits often.


Random passerby #1.


One of the fishmongers in my locality. He visits daily.


One of the wastepaper collectors who is still active in my area and who still uses a tricycle.


She sweeps not just her front yard, but also the street outside. Every day.


There are three more, two of which are puppies, but I am not sure where they were when the photo shoot happened. ๐Ÿ™‚


Our postman. He still uses a bicycle.


He comes to our locality every Saturday around 3 with his “trunk-loaded” bicycle that contains all sorts of sweets and snacks. Or rather “irresistibles”. ๐Ÿ˜€


The milkman on his vintage “Bajaj M80”.


My neighbor’s cupboard. No clue why she decided to dispose it off. Not my business I guess.


And then the monsoons were here.


Random passerby #2. I love pink!


The other fishmonger in our area.


Random passerby #3 and a fallen coconut leaf.


Random passerby #4.


My mom.


Random passerby #5.


The other postman in our area who mostly delivers speed-post stuff.


The bed sheet sellers.


The carpet seller. He used to visit often, but nowadays is not to be seen.


She still sells brooms made from midribs of coconut leaves. Not many buy them nowadays though.


Random passerby #6.


My neighbor’s dog. She never misses a chance to come out when the gates are open and nobody is looking.


It rained heavily that night.


And I closed my window.

All was silent as before –
All silent save the dripping rain. ~ H.W. Longfellow

8 thoughts on “Through my window

  1. Great stories told through the open window. I like the leaves-strewn road. These pics transport me to my home though the roadside back home is not exactly same. The essence however is same, with all the different kinds of people passing by, reminding me of the all roadside vendors that pass by near my home (Shillong). It actually makes me wish I had a chronicle like this too as many of them have disappeared altogether, like the ‘har-ek-mal-do-rupiya’ fellow, then those that would mend/sew cotton quilts. It also reminds me that this is one reason I find this place I live in now so dead, such things don’t happen here. Maybe it does in other areas, but I have never seen in the area I live in.

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  2. I love the theme. It reminds me of when I lived in Japan, the street below my window was a through street to the train station, kids played catch, and women stopped and chatted. Glad to have found your site.

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